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Week 9 – Social organisation: Micropolitics, Networks, Designing for and Living in New Communities

May 9, 2013

This week lecture and readings focused on the issue of micropolitics and networks, enabling for innovation and significant changes over time of networks. Furthermore new media has enabled for new communities to be established everywhere around the world. Individuals now do not physically and literally need to be situated at a specific location but can rather converse and connect via technological devises. People are able to be part of many more communities that thrive over the internet, which are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time. Manning noted in one of the readings ‘The physical form has been displaced by the virtuality form as the features of it changes with time and space. (Manning, 2009, p.136).

Globalization has led to the increased understanding and collaboration of governments and citizens everywhere. Societies have thus established multiple types of networks. Castell’s idea of a network society argues that networks are a success due to their flexibility, survivability and scalability.

Micropolitics and networks are very effective in changing outcomes and creating awareness of certain issues. With networks helping to change the traditional structure of communications, moving away from the “top-down” governance and now adapting to the “bottoms -up” method. Micro politics has enabled groups of different sizes, who hold different levels of power to have a voice.

The Knife Party’s clip, demonstrates new media and society collaborating. The clip incorporated global warming issues, which was successfully addressed and extended to a wider audience. This video addresses the idea of ‘swarm politics’ which refers to individuals acting on mass as a swarm. This notion of the ‘swarm’ can also be attached to the Kony 2012 project, lead by Joseph Kony, which aimed to spread globally his views regarding the LRA. The youtube clip below is the one that became a household watched clip, it was interesting because I found it very moving when I first saw it, as it seemed many others did. However not many people did anything about it or joined it placing the red Kony posters around the cities last year.

word – social organization


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