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Week 10 – The Generosity of the New Media – Science, Technology and Innovation

May 16, 2013

The changing nature of the media is constantly affecting different areas in society, science is one of those areas which that is continually changing because of new media and advances in technology. Google maps for example enables individuals to gain a real visual understanding of the world and see it from behind their computers. More information is able to be accessed for free, particularly via the internet enabling for a greater understanding of science by individuals.

Science and technologies has improved exponentially over the years, enabling for individuals to learn more, see more and also survive different situations they may face in a way that was never previously possible. In one of the readings, ‘Medical science will benefit from the research of crowds’, Pisani stated that “the sharing of data through new media would “change the way medical science works and speed up the discovery of new cures” (Pisani, 2011). Pisani also discusses how new media has allowed for better results with researching and collating new data, which is fundamental in improving society in general and also improving individuals.

It was interesting through that one particular reading addressed that the science industry is struggling to adapt to new media. In one particular article John Wilbanks notes this; “the changes wrought by digital networks in other content industries, from music to cinema to journalism, are coming to the scientific publishing industry as well”.

However the shift from traditional scientific publishing methods (print) to new media with the coming of the digital age has defiantly been beneficial for society as a whole. Being able to share and access information has broadened my understanding of different issues, partially relating to science, which without things like the internet, I would probably never know.

word – open science


Pisani, Elizabeth (2011) ‘Medical science will benefit from the research of crowds’, The Guardian, January 11, accessed 15,5,13, <>

Wilbanks, John (2011) ‘On Science Publishing’, Seed, accessed 15,5,13, <>


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